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Updated February 18, 2018

Fuss & Fashion: 200 Years of Canadian Military Headdress


My dear friend Clive Law, who passed away last year, was one of the most noted experts of Canadian military headdress. While Clive has left us, he also fortunately shared much of his knowledge in this book, Fuss & Fashion: 200 Years of Canadian Military Headdress. This should be considered the bible for anyone interested in Canadian headgear. It is an excellent resource. I have only a few copies available.

Price: $50 plus shipping

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Fuss2 Fuss3 Fuss4


Ballad of the Green Berets Original Vinyl Recording


“Fighting Soldiers, From the Sky…” – admit it, you know the lyrics. This now famous tune, sung by Roger Dewey was recorded during the Vietnam War and unlike so many “hippie” protest songs this one actually supported the troops! Originally sung by the Staff Sgt. Barry Sadler during the war the song proved so popular that other versions were released. Here is an original 1966 pressing of “The Ballad of the Green Berets & Songs of America’s Fighting Men,” sung by Roger Dewey. This one features other songs including “When Johnny Comes Marching Home” and “Our Boys Will Shine.” This is one of several covers of the original Sadler version, and is often considered by music critics to be on par with Sadler’s original.

This example is in good shape as is the original album sleeve.

Price: $25 plus shipping

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GreenBeretsRecord2 GreenBeretsRecord3 GreenBeretsRecord4


Theme from The Longest Day and Sounds of D-Day to VE-Day Original Vintage Recording

LongestDayRecord2 LongestDayRecord3 LongestDayRecord4


Helmets and Headdress of the Imperial German Army 1870-1918


Colonel Robert H. Rankin, USMC, was one of the “pioneers” of the study of Imperial German headdress and his book on the subject, published in 1965, was among the first. While it has some errors it is still an excellent resource and should be in ANY and ALL helmet collector’s libraries.

Here is a chance to acquire a nice clean example that is intact and in good condition. The dust jacket is missing but the book’s binding is solid and there are no rips or tears to the pages. It is reasonably priced.

Price: $25 plus shipping

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Rankinbook2 Rankinbook3 Rankinbook4


Blandford Military Uniforms of the World in Colour


This classic book has long been a favorite of military uniform collectors. First published in 1968, this is a 1969 reprint of a now long out of print book. It is 278 pages of color uniform plates from the early 17th century through the 1960s. It offers an excellent overview of military uniforms through wars and peaces over the past four centuries.

The book is in very good condition and is complete with original dust jacket. There is some yellowing to the pages due to its age, and the dust jacket is torn in one spot on the front. However the book’s binding is solid and it is complete with no missing pages, no writing or notes and no water damage.

Price: $10 plus shipping

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Knowledge Through Color: Military Uniforms 1686-1918 by Rene North


This 160 page book from 1970 offers a concise history of military uniforms over the course of nearly 350 years. It offers insight into the uniforms of the great powers, covers various headdress and other aspects of military clothing. It is a quick and enjoyable read.

The book is in good condition. The paperback binding is sturdy and there are no rips, tears or missing pages. The is a crease to the front cover and some wear to the cover and binding. It is likely a well read book that a previous owner referred to a lot.

Price: $10 plus shipping

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ColorMilitaryUniforms2 ColorMilitaryUniforms3


MacMillan Color Series: Uniforms of the Civil War 1861-65 by Philip Haythornthwaite


The Civil War was more than men in blue and gray uniforms as this full color book by Philip Haythornthawaite denotes. This is a First American Edition from 1976, and it offers a concise history of the Civil War as well as a guide to specific uniforms of key units from both the Union and Confederate forces. The book is 192 pages of detailed information with more than 60 pages of color plates.

The book is in very good condition and is complete with the original dust jacket. There are no rips or tears and the color of the plates is bold and vibrant even after more than 40 years. This is a long out of print book.

Price: $10 plus shipping

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UniformsCivilWar2 UniformsCivilWar3 UniformsCivilWar5


Infantry Uniforms: Book Two 1855-1939 Including Artillery and Other Supporting Corps of Britain and the Commonwealth by Robert and Christoper Wilkinson-Latham


A book on the jingoistic uniforms of the British Empire including its colonial forces. First published in 1970 this long out of print book is 227 pages of all things British military uniforms with nearly 100 pages of color plates. It includes appendix on swords, medals, shako and helmet plates as well as infantry equipment, revolvers and a section on regimental numbers and titles before and after the Cardwell Reforms of 1881.

This book offers one of the most concise yet detailed accounts of 19th and early 20th century British Army uniforms. The book is in very good condition and is complete with its original dust jacket. There are no rips, tears or marks to the pages. There is some yellowing of the dust jacket and pages due to the fact that is book is nearly 50 years old.

Price: $10 plus shipping

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InfantryUniforms2 InfantryUniforms5 InfantryUniforms4

A Treasury of Gilbert & Sullivan


Gilbert & Sullivan were as “jingoistic” as they come, and their works were presented in a 1941 music book published by Simon and Schuster New York. This book included: The Words and the Music of One Hundred and Two Songs from Eleven Operettas. It was edited by Deems Taylor; illustrated by Lucille Corcos; and with arrangements by Dr. Albert Sirmay. The hardcover book measures 9″ X 12″ X 1 1/4″ with 405 pages including synopsis of the stories, color plates that set the scene and sheet music for each song.

This book is in excellent condition with no tears, rips or missing pages. There is no staining to the pages and no marks that I can find. The only downsides are an old label applied by the original owner in the inside cover to note it was in that person’s library; and the outer slip cover is broken. However, many copies of this book are offered for more money without the cover at all!

This is a truly glorious book that truly honors the masters of “Topsy-Turvy,” and their fantastic operettas from the latter years of the Victorian Age.

Price: $45 plus shipping

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Gilbert&Sullivan2 Gilbert&Sullivan3 Gilbert&Sullivan4


The World’s Great Regiments by Vezio Melegari


This is a fantastic book and no collector of vintage uniforms should be without it! Published in 1968 it is 256 pages of fascinating details of – well the title says it all The World’s Great Regiments.  It is filled with wonderful color plates that make just flipping through a delight.

This copy is in near pristine condition for its age. It is sadly missing the dust cover but is otherwise a fantastic book, and the price is very reasonable.

Price $12 plus shipping

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 GreatRegiments2 GreatRegiments3 GreatRegiments4


Stories of our American Patriotic Songs


Do you know the history of the Star Spangled Banner or other American Patriotic Songs? This book offers a history of the songs, and also includes sheet music for these famous ballets. This book is old and well read, but in generally good shape. The binding is a little loose, but the pages are complete and there are no tears or rips.

Price $10 plus shipping

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AmericanPatrioticsongs4 AmericanPatrioticsongs3 AmericanPatrioticsongs2

AmericanPatrioticsongs5 AmericanPatrioticsongs6 AmericanPatrioticsongs7


Biography of Paul-Frédéric Rollet (1875-1941)

This is the biography of the general who served in the French Foreign Legion and who was largely responsible for creating many of the Legion’s current traditions. This is the 2001 edition, in French by Pierre Soulie. The book is in very good condition with its original dust jacket.

Price $20 plus shipping

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Rollet2 Rollet3 Rollet4


Winston Churchill by Rene Kraus (WWII Era Biography)


Winston Churchill wore many hats in his life – soldier, politician and even painter! There have been many biographies of the man, but this one by René Kraus is unique because of when it was published. Unlike most of the biographies of Mr. Churchill, which were published well after his death, this one was written during what might have been his greatest yet darkest days!

This second edition – too bad it isn’t a first edition – was published in 1941 only a year after its original publication date. In other words this is the story of Churchill the boy, the soldier, the war correspondent, the politician and the man who warned of the coming storm. This book offers a fascinating look at Mr. Churchill and is obviously not the complete story, but it is filled with insight that is often overshadowed in later biographies and no reading of truly Churchill would be complete without Kraus’s take on the man.

This second edition – again it is a shame it isn’t a first edition – is in fair to good condition. There is some water damage to the book and the spine is cracked. However, all the pages are there and this book features many excellent black and white photos within. It is reasonably priced for a very rare and seldom seen book.

Price $20 plus shipping

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Churchill2 Churchill3 Churchill4


Cold War Soviet Artillery Manual


Offered here is a post-war (dated 1947) manual in Russian for the Soviet 76mm cannon. It is an update to the wartime manual and includes all the information on the operation of the Soviet field artillery. The book is in very good condition apart from some minor stains and stamps that indicated the manual was removed from service. It is priced accordingly (And I’ll throw it in if you buy the three WWII manuals below).

Price $12 plus shipping

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Russianmanual3Russianmanual4  Russianmanual2


World War II Era Soviet Manuals


A set of three Soviet manuals from the 1930s and early 1940s. These include a manual on ordnance and mortar operations. These feature excellent illustrations and are dated 1935 and 1940! They’d be a great addition to any Soviet WWII display. The three manuals are being offered as a set.

Price $125 plus shipping

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The Horizon History of the British Empire


A hard to find 1973 single edition, which chronicles the history of the British Empire. This was published by American Heritage in association with the BBC and Time Life Books. It is a fascinating read with plenty of black and white and color photos. The history of the greatest empire ever in just 510 pages. This edition has been read but is complete with minor wear.

Price $25 plus shipping

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BritishEmpire2s BritishEmpire3s