Field Gear and Military Equipment

Updated January 13, 2018

East German Army Entrenching Tool


This shovel – or entrenching tool as it was typically called – is of the same pattern used by the German military during World War II, but this example is more likely an early East German model. It would still display well with a WWII uniform or could be used by a re-enactor. It is in excellent shape and probably would be good for using in the backyard for that matter! It is actually priced LESS than what a comparable commercial shovel at Home Depot might cost today too!

Price $30 plus shipping

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GShovel2 GShovel3 GShovel4


U.S. Army Trail Snowshoes


While Plunderer Pete tends to offer items of a tropical nature the fact is that armies don’t get a “snow day” and we do come across some of that gear as well. Here is a pair of original U.S. Army trail snowshoes made by Snocraft for the military.

The snowshoes measures 56-inch long by 10-inch wide. The webbing has a little bit of damage as shown, but otherwise these are in great shape. These would be perfect to go with any winter elite force collection.


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SnowShoes2 SnowShoes3 SnowShoes4

SnowShoes5 SnowShoes6 SnowShoes7


American M-1910 Mess Kit and Pouch


This is the classic M-1910 “meat can” and pouch to carry the mess kit and food items. The pouch features three internal pockets to house the utensils – and while the fork and spoon are missing, this one includes an original 1913 dated knife. It is in excellent shape and reasonably priced for an original period mess kit.


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m1910messkit2 m1910messkit3 m1910messkit10

m1910messkit4 m1910messkit5 m1910messkit6

m1910messkit7 m1910messkit8 m1910messkit9


Chinese SKS Pouches


This could be a Vietnam bring back, and it certainly has the right look of an SKS pouch from that era. It is likely Chinese made and these pouches were widely supplied throughout South East Asia. The pouches are in great shape and could also be used to carry AK-47 magazines. These feature Chinese writing and the numbers 7.62, which certainly indicates the 7.62×39 cartridge for the SKS and AK-47.

These are in excellent shape and would complete any Vietnamese/Viet Cong uniform display. They are reasonably priced.

Price $25 plus shipping

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Chinese SKS Pouches


A Chinese made SKS pouch, which could be Vietnam War or later. As with the other sets of similar pouches it is reasonably priced.

Price $25 plus shipping

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chinesesks2 chinesesks3 chinesesks8

chinesesks7 chinesesks6 chinesesks5




Swiss Gas Mask Bag

The Swiss haven’t fought a war since the 1847 Sounderbund War, which was essentially a “civil war” that resulted in the emergence of Switzerland as a federal state – see if you shop with you can learn something. The last real war was the War of the Seventh Coalition against Napoleon in 1815. In other words the Swiss haven’t fought many wars in recent memory – but despite that fact the always neutral nation has produced some quality military items including bicycles, helmets and small arms.

Here is another example the 1950/60s era gasmask bag. It is fashionable in that it isn’t just olive drab, and it is a practical size. Whether you collect gas masks or just need a small bag this is a great option.

Price $15 plus shipping

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SwissBag2 SwissBag3 SwissBag4


French Field-Made Rucksack


Offered here is a very unique item – a French field-made rucksack. It is a dark brown cotton material with a waterproof oilcloth interior. It came out of an old collection and was originally thought to be from the First World War, but upon closer inspection it appears that it is likely from the 1940-41 Franco-Thai War. At that time the Vichy French forces were largely cut off from supplies and ersatz materials were necessary.

This bag follows the interwar French Army designs but is crudely made. However it is in very good condition apart from some minor staining. Items such as this were likely pressed into service during France’s post-WWII conflicts in Indochina, and it would be an excellent addition to a French colonial collection.

Price $50 plus shipping

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Frenchbag2 Frenchbag3 frenchbag4

frenchbag5 frenchbag6 frenchbag7


 British Army Pattern 1937 Web Belts – Jungle Pattern


I came across a lot of British Army Pattern 1937 Web Belts in jungle green color, and these appear to be late World War II issue for use in Burma. The webbing is olive green (Jungle Green to the British) and the hardware is of dull green finished aluminum.  The adjustment is by twin prongs on each end of the belt fitting into pockets on the inside of the belt.  These are all good sized–the smallest will fit a 36-inch waist, whilst the largest could fit up to 45-inch waist.

I’m offering these for $12 a piece or $50 for the entire lot plus shipping. These are in good shape and would be ideal for a display or even as part of an affordable kit for a re-enactor.

Price $12 each belt plus shipping

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P37belts2 P37belts3 P37belts4


World War I Mess Kit


This mess kit – dated 1917 – has seen better days but it likely went over there and came back again. It is U.S. Army mess kit of the type used throughout both World Wars. It is in good condition but has some dents, scratches and may have been covered in a type of paint. It could probably still clean up well and is priced very reasonably

Price $25 plus shipping

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USA-MessKit2 USA-MessKit3 USA-MessKit4


World War II Dated British Pattern 37 Backpack


I’m getting down to the last of my vintage British field gear. Offered here is an original British Pattern 37 backpack dated 1945. It appears to be unissued. One of the straps is a little lighter than the rest of the pack and has an earlier date stamp, but this one would be great for a re-enactor or for display

Price $25 plus shipping

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BritishBackpack1-2 BritishBackpack1-3 BritishBackpack1-4


World War II Dated British Pattern 37 Backpack


This Pattern 37 backpack is slightly better than the other one simply because it has a few more stamps. It would also be great for display or for use by a re-enactor. It is priced the same.

Price $25 plus shipping

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BritishBackpack2-2 BritishBackpack2-3 BritishBackpack2-4

BritishBackpack2-5 BritishBackpack2-6 BritishBackpack2-7